About Frontend United

Frontend United is a yearly, non-profit, developer-first, community-focused conference. Our aim is to connect frontend developers and designers from all kinds of backgrounds closer together to share knowledge, experiences and ideas.
We look towards frontend development from the outside-in and reach out to specialists around the globe to share their passion.

Our history

  • Frontend United Utrecht (The Netherlands) 2019
  • Frontend United Utrecht (The Netherlands) 2018
    • Frontend Re-United Kigali (Rwanda) 2018
    • Frontend Re-United Pune (India) 2018
    • Frontend Re-United Bangkok (Thailand) 2018
    • Frontend Re-United Paramaribo (Suriname) 2018
  • Frontend United Athens (Greece) 2017
  • Frontend United Ghent (Belgium) 2016
  • Frontend United Bristol (United Kingdom) 2015
  • Frontend United Copenhagen (Denmark) 2014
  • Frontend United London (United Kingdom) 2013
  • Frontend United Amsterdam (The Netherlands) 2012
  • Design Camp Berlin (Germany) 2011
  • Design Camp Prague (Czech Republic) 2010