Become a live-stream attendee

While we rather have you attending our event in Utrecht, we realise there are several reasons that you can't attend due to costs, parenting, work or other issues. This ticket will give you private access to a streaming url.

This is a great way to attend the live event even if you are unable to travel to Utrecht due to parenting, costs, work, or whatever other reason you might have.


Live-stream tickets are available for €92,50 per day.

Livestream tickets are not free for a few reasons. The major one is because we don't want people to stay at home. We are creating Frontend Re-United events all across the globe in our hope that people get together in real life to make new connections. 

We want to stay a low-cost conference for our in-person attendees. And all the bits help to keep the quality amazingly high and costs ridiculously sharp compared to any other conference with similar quality of speakers.

What do I need to as requirements

You will receive an email when each livestream starts, for each day that you bought a livestream for. 

On each of the 2 days, we have 2 rooms where sessions will be happening simultaneously. Each room has it's own livestream.

We cut up each livestream 4 times a day so people from other timezones can easily mix & match, what they want to watch first. We can only send you the links to the livestream once we start the livestream, so keep an eye on your mailbox!

The only thing you'll need to follow the livestream is a browser and a good internet connection. And you need to be awake between 9 and 6 CET-timezone. :)

Can I ask questions?

We only allow questions through an online platform:

This means that you can participate from on your couch for each session that you are following live.

  1. Go to from your phone / tablet / laptop
  2. Enter the eventcode: #frontendunited
  3. Choose the correct room from the top menu
  4. Ask questions / upvote other questions / participate in the polls

Please remember to choose the right room, otherwise your question will be asked to the wrong speaker, and also make sure the session is still on. The earlier a question is asked the more people have the chance to upvote your question.

How will the video look?

We are working together with a professional livestream-team, and during each session they will switch between a close-up of the speaker and the slides.

This means that we guarantee that the speaker won't be shady and dark, invisible for you to see, and you will have likely a better view of the speaker than most of our attendees.

An example of how that looked last year:


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