Frontend Re-United

Spreading the knowledge far and wide!

We contacted loads of communities to hold livestreaming events in different parts of the world. And a few were crazy enough to try this out with us!

What does this mean?

The name of Re-United stands for Remotely United! On the days of the main event, people across 4 different timezones will be following along with our sessions. Speakers will be asked to only poll the audience through our, and attendees will only be able to ask questions in the same way. We will be monitoring the questions online, and verbalising a selections of those questions live after the talks.

If you can't make it to Utrecht on the 1st and 2nd of June, or if traveling to another location is more affordable for you. We invite you to go there, and meet the local community there! Don't worry you will still receive your T-shirt, but there will just be a different sponsor and location on it. :) Every Re-United event also will have their very own social event, and is independently planned by the local community.



Kigali, Rwanda 

Pune, India

Bangkok, Thailand

Paramaribo, Suriname


Your home town?

Want to set up a room of your own and participate remotely yourself? Drop us a line, and we'll make it happen!