Frontend Re-United Paramaribo

Empowering the local frontend community!

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Frontend United is a conference that yearly hosts 25 legendary speakers talking about UX, browser performance, theming, Javascript and Drupal. ​​​​​On the 1st and 2nd of June we will host our very own remote livestream event, in Paramaribo! This means that we will be participating live, with Frontend United in The Netherlands. 

We made sure everything is just like attending the conference in The Netherlands: T-shirts, booklets, a video-steam with an up-close of the speaker, and a room full of enthusiastic designers and developers :) We even have a direct line to ask the speakers questions, and we have our own social event.



On the 1st and 2nd June you can start joining us from 4am until 12 pm, we will be participating in the livestream in a office-space/room in the centre of Paramaribo. Tickets will have to payed in cash at the venue, but you can save your spot by registering on Eventbrite!

On site we will let you know of more details of social activities and how to ask questions at the speakers, and participate in the polls.

Next to 500 people for the main event in The Netherlands, we are expecting the same number from remote events hosted by local communities around the globe. Next to Paramaribo, there will also be a livestreaming events in Thailand, India and Rwanda!

For the last updates please check the Facebook-page!


In need for Sponsorships!

Your sponsor logo right here?

Sponsoring Frontend Re-United Paramaribo gives you the opportunity to:

  • Increase the visibility of your company both locally and on a global scale for a very targeted audience. The main conference in Utrecht will host 500 participants and almost 500 will come to remote locations. Organizers expect 50 participants in Paramaribo. Visitors of conference website add to these numbers!
  • Promote your strategy and plans on the local event!
  • Great networking!
  • Find the right people who can strengthen your brand and team of experts.
  • The logo of your company will be exposed on the page for local event on the conference website, T-shirts and program booklets for the Paramaribo community. During the event you will be able to provide branding for the venue itself.
  • Help your local community participate in the global forum of elite speakers.
  • Help keep entry costs low, so anyone can join.

What we are looking for still:

  • A sponsor that is willing to host us in a venue with good internet connection
  • A sponsor that can supply us with drinks and food for during the event.

We hope for your sponsorship, because without it, this event won't be possible!


Never been to Paramaribo?

Paramaribo was firstly founded in 17th century as a Dutch colony. With its colonial past, and merging of ethnic groups, Suriname has unique diversity of cultures on every step of the city. Its ethnic groups include Hindustan, Creole, Indonesian, Maroon, Amerindian, Lebanese, Chinese and Dutch people. Cultural differences are celebrated on numerous street festivals but also in everyday life – synagogue is in the neighbourhood of the mosque and Hindu temple is situated by the church.

The old city of Paramaribo with its original street plan and Dutch architecture with local techniques and materials is on the list of Unesco World Heritage Sites. Its features from 17th and 18th century are entirely preserved on the banks of Suriname River (more on Lonely Planet)