Frontend Re-United Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires will host a live stream of Frontend United on 17 and 18 May 2019 for the first time!
We will join remotely and follow the custom schedule which combines talks from the conference and our local speakers. 


Live stream of talks from Utrecht will be recorded by a professional team to get up close to speakers and constantly switch between the slides and follow the speaker around. (an example of how that looked like). The idea is to create experience closest to attending the conference in person. As a second step, all questions to speakers will be posted only through platform called Slido. This means we will be able to send questions to speakers during their talks!

All other details will be published soon! 



Humboldt 1967
C1414 CTU
Buenos Aires

-34.5827479, -58.432828


Day one Program - to be announced

Day two Program - to be announced


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