A full week of Frontend United

Monday to Saturday: coworking & code sprints

This year’s Frontend United will be a full week - from Monday 28th of May until Saturday the 2nd of June! Why a whole week? Because why not? Life is too short to not enjoy Utrecht and it’s beautiful gem of a city-centre for just a bit longer. Also, booking flights for a 2-day trip is as expensive as booking flights for a 6 day trip. :)

We will have our very own Frontend United‘s co-working space for the whole week! Sip a coffee in between other frontend-enthusiasts and work from Utrecht in between the relaxing sound of sass-writing, JS-framework name dropping and overheating laptops running Slack. In the evenings we will be suggesting mini-social or cultural activities, so don’t worry about getting bored. We will be selling these days modularly at a very low price, so they fit everyone’s schedule, and anyone can opt in however and whenever they want. Don’t even hesitate to invite any colleagues with you, they can come enjoy the buzz without having to buy a ticket for the main event!

As usual, this week will also be used as a collaboration room to work on Drupal’s Open Source Frontend code (better known in the Drupal world as a code-sprint).

Thursday: workshops

On Thursday we will be organising a few world-class workshops! Last year we had Rachel Andrew that dropped some serious knowledge about CSS grids. And Nir Kaufman giving an extended introduction to React. Keep an eye out on the website and on your mailbox which workshops we will be having this year.

Friday & Saturday: main event

Early Friday-morning, we will kick-off the main event with our first keynote speaker. The 2 days will consist of 2 tracks filled to the brim with energetic sessions and drool-provoking topics.