The getting accommodated initiative

This year we are trying something new, we like to connect our attendees outside of the conference itself. And we also like to lower the costs for people coming over.

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The concept

If you are based in Minsk and you are willing to offer an extra bedroom for one of our attendees that wants one, please let us know when you are registering a ticket.
If you are one of our attendees that would like to be hosted free of costs in Minsk by another Frontend enthusiast, please also let us know, and we will bring you in to contact with someone that wants to host someone.

The process

Once we find someone that can either use your room or that has a room for you. We will send an introduction email with you both in CC. In this email we will suggest you set up an online hello-moment with the other individual over video or voice-only. In this online greeting, you can both get to know each other a bit and ask all the questions you might have.

If you both feel like you still want to continue, you can exchange more direct contact details such as Facebook, Whatsapp or regular old Phone number.


Please only exchange further contact details. if you feel 100% safe and at ease with the other person. Frontend United is willing to connect people closer together, but is unable to facilitate more than that for all of it's attendees.

During this stay, our Code of Conduct is still to be followed by both parties, which means that our volunteer safe-space contacts are reachable for questions or concerns.


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