Practical information about and around Minsk

Minsk will almost certainly surprise you. The capital of Belarus is, contrary to its dreary reputation, a progressive, modern and clean place. Fashionable cafes, impressive restaurants and crowded nightclubs vie for your attention, while sushi bars and art galleries have taken up residence in a city centre.

Minsk landscape photo

Insights from locals

Kastryčnickaja Street certainly deserves to be mentioned. If you ask how the process of gentrification and revitalization is going on in Minsk, you can always point to the Kastryčnickaja’s example – the former industrial street has in recent years become pretty much the most important exhibition-and-hang-out place in the city.

This is where Huligan Bar, Depo crêpe house, Monkey Food veggie place, Laŭka snack-bar, and Enzo café work and where progressive advertising agencies, publishing houses, and IT companies have opened their offices. The former plant’s walls are decorated with the murals left over after the Vulica Brazil street-art festival. The most important things happen here at night in the warm time of the year – on the street, of course.

Fridays and Saturdays are the time for fun and chaotic parties when several thousands of people might be hanging out on a little patch of the ground.


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