There are several options regarding accommodation in Minsk.


Something new

This year we launched our "getting accommodated initiative", where you can stay with an Belarusian attendee.


Minsk has lots of great hotels. The hotels closest to the main venue are Hotel Monastyrski and the Beijing Hotel. Both are our local recommendations. 


If you want to be more kind to your budget, we also highly recommend the Trinity & Riverside Hostels. These are two small but cozy hostels by the same company in the historic part of the city. Bed prices start at € 8 in a 6-bed room. A room for two will cost € 23 (two separate beds) and € 27 (double bed). They have recently added nice breakfasts for only € 1.8.

The regular options

You have the option of going for an AirBnB or go Couchsurfing.


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