Frontend United & NLHTML5 Lightning Talks

On Thursday, May 16, the evening before the conference, we'll enjoy a fun-filled evening with drinks, and talks for and from the community. It will be at the same venue as the conference, Kinepolis Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, but conference tickets are not needed (but we recommend buying one!).

The evening will start at 7pm and last till 11pm. The first talks should start around 8pm and each talk will take 10 minutes. Please RSVP here!

Want to speak yourself?

Lightning talks are a great way to get into speaking, to talk about something you're passionate about, or just have some fun on stage. So why not join yourself?

Your talk can be about anything related to front-end development. Do you want to share what you've learned about WebRTC? Or maybe you've built something with Vue that you want to talk about? Or perhaps you want to sing a song about your love for front-end? Everything is possible!

Just fill out this form, and we'll let you know if your talk is selected before May 6th! If you get selected, don't forget to bring your own laptop!


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Join us in Utrecht!