CSS battle - Flexbox vs Grid

30 minutes

CSS flexbox is immensely adapted by the front end developers in the last few years but with the introduction of the CSS Grid and it's similar capabilities as of flexbox makes the people wondering if CSS grid will replace the flexbox. So the answer to this question is 'No'. 

In some scenarios, CSS grid is better than flexbox while in some scenarios flexbox is better. As CSS grid and flexbox might have the similar properties but the used case of both the properties are different. CSS grid and flexbox has made it easier to create the complex layouts without the much need of the javascript in layouting and now, we have a appropriate layout system in the native browser itself which makes the code easy to understand and maintain.

Some take aways from this session-
1) Understanding CSS grid and Flexbox
2) Difference between CSS grid and flexbox
3) When you should use one over the another
4) Combining flexbox and grid for creating efficient layouts with the help of examples




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