Emotion Recognition and its applications in Drupal

30 minutes

A brief look at how Emotion Recognition systems work and what their architecture looks like. A brief explanation of how AI and NLP are used to create networks that can not only recognize emotions but learn over time as well. 

Examples of applications of emotion recognition systems in Drupal which include:

  • Intelligent comment moderation and tone detection module: Whenever there is a new comment on a post, it is analysed and if inappropriate content is found, the comment is flagged. You can also see an overview of the tone of most of your comments and which posts attracted the most positive or negative reaction. This can help in isolating and targeting the required content for a particular demographic.

  • Intelligent contact-us/faq bot that can detect if a user is not satisfied or angry and forward the user immediately to customer support. 

Key takeaways

  • Basic understanding of emotion recognition
  • The architecture of emotion recognition systems
  • Various types of emotion recognition systems
  • Most common APIs used for this and their pros and cons
  • Applications of emotion recognition in Drupal



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