Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in the Global Tech Industries

Being human
50 minutes

As technology continues to bring the World closer its power to ‘divide’ as well as ‘unite’ is becoming a ‘very present danger’. The Global Tech industries can make a major if, not critical contribution and intervention. Inequality and exclusion prevent progress in a truly ‘Global’ tech structure. Frontend developers must strive to ensure that they design, develop and deliver products that are free from any discriminatory material.

Prerequisites, if any:
There are no ‘Prerequisites’ required by delegates that attend the talk, however I do expect all Frontend United delegates to be committed to the theme of equality, diversity and inclusion in their day-to-day work.

Takeaways (what visitor will know/be able to do after attending the talk):
Delegates will leave with a greater understanding and raised awareness of the need to use global technology as a force for good, promoting equal rights and justice for all. This includes accessibility to web content by a full range of diverse users and clients.



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