FrontEnd Security is a Thing

50 minutes

When we say FrontEnd, we mainly think of the glue that sticks, the Designer's vision and the BackEnd's implementation, together.
We make things look pretty for the final user, we make it easier for people to surface our page in style, we make everything flashy.
Thinking about security you might be tempted to correlate it with Backend development. But I am here to try and show that FrontEnders have the same level of responsibility when it comes to securing our web pages. We will go through the main issues that make up the FrontEnd Security Checklist and also looking at this from Drupal CMS point of view.

Prerequisites: basic MySQL, basic Drupal knowledge.

Visitors will have a glimpse of what FrontEnd security is about. They will be able to go and do a security check on their projects using the checklist.



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