Help, my client wants a PWA!

50 minutes

A Progressive Web App (PWA) offers some appealing features, such as offline available content, push notifications and installable apps without the hassle of creating an app. For a while now, people have been blogging that PWAs are "the next big thing". I'm not sure if that really is true, but at least we see clients actively asking for it, so be prepared!

Although PWAs are often associated with JS frameworks and decoupled setups, you can also build one on top of a server-side CMS, for instance Drupal or WordPress. In Drupal there is the PWA module, and in WordPress you can choose from several plugins. This means it's not too hard to provide your client (or boss) with those PWA advantages they're looking for.

In this session I will start getting everyone up to speed with what a PWA is and how the basic concepts work. With that knowledge, we can answer the question why you or your client would want a PWA. After that, we will dive into the implementation of the Drupal PWA module, looking at its features, how it works, and ways to tweak the behavior to your own needs. I will be wrapping up with some tips and tricks that will help you during development and debugging.

The first part of the session is not specific to any framework or CMS and should be comprehensible to a wide audience, including project owners, sales people and other non-developer roles. The second part will be most interesting for intermediate to advanced developers. Being a Drupal developer I will take my examples from the Drupal implementation, but the general concepts should apply to any system. 

Basic knowledge of the web and HTTP to understand the general concepts. Intermediate JS and PHP to follow the code examples.


  •  Know the advantages of a PWA and how it would benefit your client
  •  Understand the possibilities and pitfalls when building a PWA on top of a server-side CMS
  •  Be able to set up an installable PWA with (pre-)caching on a Drupal site



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