A new Drupal core base theme

50 minutes

Drupal 8 introduced the concept of base themes in core by shipping two brand new base themes; Stable and Classy. These themes are very lean, and they come without any tooling that would be often needed when building applications using modern front-end technologies. Due to policy changes in Drupal core, we’ve more or less had the freeze development in these base themes. This means that it’s hard for us to provide these functionalities in the future as well - even if we wanted to.

Late in the Drupal 8 cycle we have seen momentum in front-end focused Drupal initiatives. For example, Drupal core now has a build tool for JavaScript and CSS. These have benefitted initiatives that are modernizing the admin UI and default frontend theme of Drupal. How could we benefit from these improvements and make them available for the broader group of users? Because we cannot make changes to our existing base themes, we have started planning a new base theme in core. This presentation will give you a basic understanding of the problem space and give you an overview of the proposed plan.





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