Quick wins for an accessible website (the love edition)

50 minutes

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) specify the requirements a website must meet in order to be considered "accessible". 

Since September 2018, however, these are no longer just guidelines. Following EU legislation, they have become law for public sector websites.In the coming years, these guidelines will become mandatory for all websites. So there's no excuse left for ignoring accessibility requirements.

Before you start to worry, don't! I will show you some quick wins to tackle low hanging accessibility issues. Easy tasks to make the web better for all.

Instead of explaining all the accessibility guidelines in detail, I will give a live demonstration with hands-on examples. Together we will analyse Frindr: a dating platform made in Drupal. I will guide you through some of the accessibility errors that I found and explain their impact on accessibility. And then, of course, I am going to fix those errors on the spot!

Here's what you'll learn:

  • A basic understanding of accessibility and the structure of WCAG
  • What the consequences are of multiple accessibility errors
  • How CSS can facilitate accessibility
  • How to improve HTML markup
  • How to refine links and buttons
  • How to enhance keyboard navigation
  • How to use accessibility tools for (automated) testing
  • Many reasons why accessibility is so important

Quick wins for you, a huge win for an accessible web.



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