Think Like an Agency: Organising Patternlab + Drupal for a Reusable Workflow

50 minutes

We often talk about "DRY" (don't repeat yourself) when we talk about code. But we should also think about this approach when working within an agency. We should think about how we can create a set up to allow us to re-use code/features/setups from one project to the next. We already do that with Drupal - we reuse the field system and markup, the user system, views for lists instead of creating our own listing modules. Now, how about we think of doing the same for our development set up?

In this presentation, I'll show how we have our development environments set-up in Annertech, from our Drupal "Starterkit" to our Patternlab structure (we've hacked it to make it fit with Drupal better), to how we can then share feature sets from one client to another with low cost to us and high impact for them.



A desire to do things better. A willingness to learn.

At the end of this presentation I hope to show that by "Thinking Like an Agency" (my phrase - don't steal it!), we can deliver better work in shorter timeframes.




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