Social track

Without this, a conference might as well be a marathon of meetings, right? ;)


Meeting friends

From all over the world, people will be in Utrecht for the event, and we want to create as much opportunity for people to get to make new friends from far and wide as possible. That's why we organised a full week of social!

Before you click away: You won't have to lose a full week of work, we have a coworking and sprinting venue lined up too!

Mondayevening: City walking tour

Walking tour through utrecht with a guide.

We meet at 20:00 for a guided walk through one of the most beautiful city centres of The Netherlands. The walk introduces us to the city and highlights a few of it's unique characteristics and most famous places. For 90 minutes you will be submerged in historical and cultural heritage the city has to offer. There is a maximum of 20 people, so be sure sign up!


Tuesdayevening: Climbing the Dom tower

Dom tower seen from far away

At 19:45, we group up for a guided visit to the absolute centre-point of Utrecht: the Dom Tower. 465 steps and a height of 112 meter makes this tower the highest church tower of The Netherlands. The view from up there is not something you will forget! :)


Wednesdayevening: Boat cruise!

View from a boat in a canal in Utrecht

No walking, no climbing, just floating! We start by 21:00!


Hosted by our awesome main sponsor JustLease! More information soon :)

Fridayevening: Dinner with a stranger

Eating at the water in Utrecht

Digest the workshops of the day, and meet a friendly face doing so. We picked out a few excellent restaurants and made reservations for a few big tables. Write your name under one of the restaurants, and prepare to dine with absolute strangers. Dinner reservations will be around 19:30 (or different, depending on what restaurant you pick)



To be announced