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Design System Technical Lead

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Web accessibility is about the people we are working for, and also the ones we are working with. It is a team effort that only works if you are enabling collaboration and knowledge-sharing, and nurturing an inclusive team.

About Damien Senger

Damien Senger is a Queer Web worker and Tech Speaker in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. They design design systems and try to make accessibility more accessible.

Damien is leading the design system team at Castor, a Dutch health-tech startup helping researchers to gather more efficiently information during clinical trials.

Through their studioconferences, workshops and podcasts, Damien tries to help Web projects to be more accessible and inclusive with a focus on cognitive impairments, readability and collaboration between designers and engineers.

When Damien is not at work, a conference or a meetup, you can find them collaborating with designers and engineers, building UI components, testing Web accessibility, sharing the love for HTML and CSS, and fighting for a better Web.

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