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Sr. Design Operations Engineer
Penske Media Corporation

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A programming language is formal language enabling a human to instruct a computer to perform tasks. CSS is a programming language, and CSS developers are programmers.

About Lara Schenck

Lara Schenck is a Sr. Design Operations Engineer at Penske Media Corporation (PMC), where she started the design system ("Larva") that powers the front-end of PMC's portfolio of iconic brands.

A self-taught programmer with an art background, Lara questioned the place of traditional computer science knowledge in her work on the web, especially with regards to technical interviewing. Over time she found that an understanding of the fundamentals is an investment well-worth making, and she speaks around the world, inspiring others to pursue a holistic understanding of programming and computer science.

Lara continues her art practice by illustrating friendly monsters and creating zines. She writes about her work and life on her blog, is an accomplished runner, and will try very hard to remember your name.

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