Marc van Gend

Work info

Senior Developer / Web Architect

Quote of Marc van Gend

Ten Hello-Worlds don't make a website. In a time when web development technologies are getting more and more fragmented, integration and dependencies become the primary challenge.

About Marc van Gend

Only just young enough to consider himself a digital native, Marc taught himself the basics of HTML, CSS and PHP while studying industrial design before he landed his first job as a web developer. But what really piqued his enthusiasm, was the open and collaborative Drupal community. Marc grew into an all-round developer with a passion for usability who still can't decide what he likes best, front-end or back-end. Twelve years on, he works as a senior developer and web architect at LimoenGroen in Amsterdam and is still an active Drupal contributor who does not only write code, but also organises events and speaks at conferences such as DrupalCon and DrupalDevDays.

Marc van Gend


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