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Higher thinking is required to truly call ourselves intelligent human beings. Unconscious Bias prevents Higher thinking, it's time to raise your game and your thinking and be the best you can be.

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Trevor Gordon is the CEO of Gordon-Ffrench Associates Ltd. He has extensive experience as an Education Management Consultant specialising in equality, diversity and inclusion. He is the former Deputy Principal of Croydon College, London and also the former Dean, (Principal), of Al Zulfi College of Excellence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Trevor is a dynamic, strategically focused and outcome-driven individual who has gained an international reputation as a high calibre education manager, staff trainer and equality, diversity and inclusion Consultant. He has an extensive and commendable track record of steering organisations towards operational excellence and outstanding performance.

He has also designed and delivered staff development equality, diversity, inclusion and safeguarding training nationally and internationally to over 500 public and private sector establishments in England, Wales, the Channel Islands, Italy, Austria, Germany, St Helena in the South Atlantic and the United States.

Trevor is a Fellow of the Institute of Welfare and is also an Associate Consultant and Civilian Contractor to the National College of Policing.

He has particular expertise in the areas of Community Cohesion and Strategies for Inclusion and has worked with young people at risk of exclusion and isolation.

Trevor has been awarded Honorary Lifetime Fellowship by the Institute of Welfare, (F.I.W), in recognition of his commitment to the issues of equality, diversity and inclusion. Manchester University Press has published his research and he has also been a contributor to several other publications. Trevor also received the 2002 Stephen Lawrence Award for Education.

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