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How we sell tickets

The two conference days, Friday & Saturday, will consist of two tracks filled to the brim with energetic sessions and thought-provoking topics. Early bird tickets will be available for only €140 for the full two day experience. If you miss the early bird, a regular ticket will cost you an additional €45 (€185). Note that lunch is not included, but we will schedule a break to give everyone the opportunity to get out and buy some tasty food (there's a restaurant in the venue and it's a five minute walk to other restaurants).

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Just like our previous editions will we be organising a few world-class workshops on the Thursday (16 May). Not every detail is confirmed yet, but tickets are already available.

Note that there are more workshops in the pipeline, so stay tuned.


Don't miss this opportunity to see our fabulous line-up, including Jeremy Keith, Vitaly Friedman, Rachel Andrew, Jonathan Snook and many more.