Ridiculously Reusable Components in Vue.js (sold-out)

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Start time
9:00 AM CEST -
End time
5:00 PM CEST
€ 350, including VAT

Content of the workshop

While components are one of the best things that have happened to the frontend development workflow, reusability and scalability become difficult things to manage as your codebase and team grows.

In this workshop, we will cover cutting edge techniques, design patterns and anti-patterns, and best practices that you need to consider for component reusability and more.

By the end of the workshop, you will have a solid foundation of what it takes to create components that are reusable, scales well, and resilient to change.

Target audience

Vue enthusiasts who want to broaden their knowledge about application architecture by efficient component design.


  1. At least a moderate knowledge of Vue.js and modern JavaScript (ES2015+)
  2. A laptop with a web development friendly system.
  3. Node.js, npm/yarn, Git, Vue-CLI 3.0 already installed and working.
  4. Vue.js Devtools installed in the browser.
  5. A GitHub account.


Intermediate to advanced

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